Ramtons RF/402 3G+1E 50X60 Silver Cooker


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Ramtons RF/402 3G+1E 50X60 Silver Cooker


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Ramtons RF/402 3G 1E 50X60 Silver Cooker

The Ramtons RF/402 3G 1E 50X60 Silver Cooker is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance that brings together modern design and advanced features to enhance your cooking experience. This sleek and stylish cooker is equipped with various functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of home cooks and chefs alike.

One of the standout features of the Ramtons RF/402 cooker is its versatile cooktop. It boasts three gas pool burners and an additional electric plate, providing flexibility in cooking options. The gas burners offer precise control over the flame intensity, allowing you to adjust the heat to suit different cooking techniques. The electric plate adds another layer of convenience, enabling you to cook with electricity when desired.

For those who enjoy baking and roasting, the Ramtons RF/402 offers a spacious 52-liter electric oven. The oven comes with a single spit rotisserie, allowing you to cook succulent and evenly roasted meats. The inclusion of an oven lamp, timer, and thermostat ensures that you can monitor and control the cooking process accurately, resulting in perfect dishes every time.

Ramtons RF/402 3G 1E 50X60 Cooker Design

The auto-ignition feature of the Ramtons RF/402 cooker adds to its user-friendly design. No more need for matches or lighters; the cooktop burners can be easily and safely ignited with the press of a button. This feature saves time and effort, making cooking a hassle-free experience.

The enamel pan supports in the cooktop offer stability to your pots and pans while cooking, preventing accidental spills and providing a smooth cooking surface. Additionally, the 1000 watts hot plate provides quick and efficient heating for your cooking needs.

Complete with 3 gas burners and 1 electric plate, this Ramtons 50×60 freestanding cooker with conventional gas oven allows you to prepare various meals at the same time. The top of the unit features a spacious gas cooktop with four burners for amazing stir frys. The large capacity oven gives you plenty of cooking space and endless options for food preparation.

The oven’s double glass door helps to keep the heat locked inside for efficient cooking, and also helps to keep the door cooler to touch during cooking. The splashback behind the cooktop reduces the spread of any oil splatters.

In conclusion, the Ramtons RF/402 3G 1E 50X60 Silver Cooker is a reliable and versatile kitchen companion. With its 3 gas pool burners and 1 electric plate, 52-liter electric oven, single spit rotisserie, auto-ignition, enamel pan supports, and 1000 watts hot plate, it offers a range of features to make your cooking tasks more enjoyable and convenient.

Whether you’re a passionate home cook or a professional chef, this cooker is sure to meet your culinary requirements with ease.


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